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About us

Welcome to Bleacher Brigade, where the name "Brigade" embodies the collective strength and unity of a passionate community coming together to support young athletes. Just as a brigade stands united in purpose and camaraderie, we are a group of proud parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends united in our love for youth sports and the athletes who inspire us.


Our mission is to empower this brigade of supporters to proudly showcase their love and support for young athletes through fun, stylish, and high-quality apparel and accessories.


We envision Bleacher Brigade as more than a brand – it's a symbol of unity, pride, and unwavering support. We see families across the country proudly wearing Bleacher Brigade designs, creating a sea of cheers and celebrations at every game and competition.


At Bleacher Brigade, we value passion, teamwork, creativity, and the joy of supporting young athletes. We are dedicated to creating a positive and supportive community where every supporter feels valued and appreciated, just like a valued member of the brigade.


Originating as proud parents ourselves, with three daughters deeply involved in various sports and activities, our weekends were consistently spent in the bleachers. Whether it was gymnastics meets, competitive cheer competitions, football games, or dance showcases, we found ourselves immersed in the world of youth sports. It was during these moments of unwavering support for our children that we recognized a need for specialized attire for parents and all supporters – a way for us to outwardly express our pride and solidarity.

Fueled by our passion for youth sports and the desire to create something meaningful for our community, we founded Bleacher Brigade. We started small, initially selling our designs on Etsy, and were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive response from fellow parents and supporters. It became clear that there was a shared interest in showcasing pride and unity in youth sports.

As our community continued to grow, so did our vision. We expanded our product line to include innovative designs and high-quality materials, ensuring that every supporter could wear Bleacher Brigade with pride. Our goal was to create a positive and supportive community where every supporter could proudly display their pride from the bleachers.

Today, Bleacher Brigade stands as a symbol of unity, pride, and unwavering support. We are grateful for the journey so far and excited for the future as we continue to grow and make a difference in the lives of young athletes and their supporters, we want to drive a nationwide movement in youth sports for us proud parents and supporters of all kinds in the “Bleacher Brigade”.

Whether you are looking to show your support or embarrass your child with something over the top, we got you covered.